UPDATE: Covid-19

As of Monday 18 May, we are still currently closed until instructed by the government and industry experts.

Update: 18 May 2020

In order to keep ourselves and our clients safe, we have integrated the following into our practices:


  • We’ve reupholstered our table with soft marine-grade vinyl, so our comfy memory foam is now recessed inside the table.
  • We’ve made sure that every surface is fully wipe-able by removing everything that isn’t.
  • We’ve introduced new single-use (recyclable) disposable linens for massage table and face cover.

This means we no longer use our plush luxurious blanket, nor is our table packed with lots of towels/blankets, so this may appear less comfortable than before – we apologise for this inconvenience. Please note, face-area massage and showers are also no longer available for the foreseeable future.

  • We allow the use of a fresh (huge) towel per session per customer for covering each client.
  • We disinfect every area after every session, especially areas marked with a sticker.
  • We air the massage room between every session, so fresh new air can fill the space.
  • The air is constantly monitored by laser technology and is HEPA-filter purified using an intelligent device, XiaoMi Air Purifier Pro 2. This removes 99.9% impurities in the air.


  • Clients will have their temperature taken at the door via touchless infra-red thermometer: temperatures above 37 C MAY NOT enter. **SEE “UNWELL” SECTION
  • Clients will need to sanitise their hands with the touchless hand-sanitiser provided before entry.
  • Clients will need to put on mask and gloves (provided free) before entry.
    A specific certified plant-based sanitiser will be applied on your skin around the massaged area before and after your treatment. For the therapist, this ensures that the area is clean before on the area; and you, you can be sure that the massaged area is clean after your treatment. We use Seeds clinically-certified sanitiser, which is gentle on the skin, plant-based and still kills 99.9% of surface bacteria. ***SEE SEEDS SANITISER CERTIFICATION


  • While our therapist won’t be wearing gloves while performing treatments, all areas are considered ‘clean’ as all related areas including massaged areas, working surface areas and therapist’s hands are sanitised before and after treatment.
  • To be doubly-sure, our therapist also showers between every session, because soap kills the bacteria. ^refer to https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/12/science-soap-kills-coronavirus-alcohol-based-disinfectants


We have a minor rollout, which would occur over the next month. These will include:

  • Elimination of physical forms to fill – digital forms for clients to complete in their own time before they come in. This eliminates the sharing of pens and paper.
  • Further reduce touch surfaces – we have ordered infra-red sensors on our taps and soap dispensers. Fewer touch surfaces.

We ask that you do not attend hands on events if you are feeling unwell. While therapists have the right of refusal for any clients who may be suffering an illness, we do not do so lightly and if entry is refused, would be compliant with Australia’s anti-discrimination laws (https://www.ag.gov.au/RightsAndProtections/HumanRights/Pages/Australias-Anti-Discrimination-Law.aspx)

  • We ask that you do not attend any sessions if you’ve travelled from countries classified as High Risk by both the Australian Government and World Health Organisation (WHO). This is currently South Korea, China, Iran, Italy, Mongolia and Japan.
  • We ask that you do not attend 14 days following arrival back into Australia for all other international travel from other countries.

Seeds Organics disinfectant:

To confirm the effectiveness of our formulation at varying dilutions, wechose respected microbiological testing laboratories nationally and internationally, such as Silliker, Eurofins and Accuratus. The certificate of analysis from these tests show the formula’s effectiveness as a broad-spectrum hospital grade disinfection at our recommended use dilutions of 1:40 –1:128 achieving 4 –6 log reductions on bacteria and viruses.

Viral Surrogate Testing: When laboratories are unable to test on new or emerging viruses, surrogate viruses are used to test efficacy of disinfectants and sanitisers.

CALICIVIRUS: is a surrogate for the norovirus and one of the chosen viruses the USEPA reference as a surrogate for the Coronavirus (Covid-19). In June 2018 our formulation was tested at a 1:60 dilution and achieved the minimum log reductions (4 –6) within 30 seconds –10 minutes of application. What does this mean? Even though our products are USEPA registered and we can make claims against Covid-19, we currently in the process of being included on the USEPA’s list of approved disinfectants and sanitisers against Covid-19 and once listed will be updated on website. PEDV (ANIMAL CORONAVIRUS): We completed this test in March 2018 at a 1:128 dilution and achieved a 6-logreduction.What does this mean? Currently the Therapeutic Goods Administration(TGA) will accept selected animal Coronavirus’s as surrogates for Covid-19if the test was performed in accordance to TGA standards. This test not only meets the requirements but allows us to begin the process of making the additional claim of Covid-19 to our current TGA listed formulation.

ALCOHOL FREE Our disinfectants and sanitisers are all alcohol free and water based. What does this mean? Versatility, safety and effectiveness. The previous mentioned test results already verify effectiveness, but versatility of having a product that can safely be applied to any surface, through any means of application proves this point. ALCOHOL BASED Sanitisers are highly flammable because of its minimum alcohol requirement; they have quick kill claims on viruses and bacteria but limited residual kill. What does this mean? Once applied the alcohol quickly kills within seconds, but once dried the applied surfaces and hands become susceptible to contamination. We understand alcohol-based hand sanitisers are approved and recognised by governing bodies, but we offer a tried and proven alternative for all general and regulated hygiene and sanitation needs.

CERTIFICATIONS &REGISTRATIONS(USA) USEPA: 92378-2, (Australia) TGA: 303171, (NZ) MPI: C31, C 41, C27AOAC Hard Surface Carrier Test, TGO 54 Option A, B, AOAC Germicidal SpayTest, Feline Calicivirus Viral Test, PEDV Viral Test, Canine Parvovirus Viral Test, Skin Sensitivity Test OPPTS 70.2500, Non-Corrosive Test830-6320.


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