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Deep Tissue Treatment

General or Remedial-focused Deep Tissue (Fix-it)

Certainly one of the best deep tissue treatment around!

The General DT deals with the body in an overall-fashion, spending some time in your areas of concern.

The Remedial-focused targets very specific areas, usually directed by your therapist after an initial General DT.

Prices start from $45.

General DT Runtime:
30min / $45
60min / $75
90min / $95
120min / $130
150min / $170

Remedial-focused DT Runtime:
(refer to booking page)

*after-hours 5-11pm $15


Classic Swedish Massage Treatment

A Treatment Exclusive To Relaxing Day-spa Retreats

No longer a secret!

We thought to share such an amazing ritual for men & women, widely available for people to de-stress.

This is a relaxation treatment with some ritualistic elements meant for a good mind-body relaxation.

We start off this ritual with Oriental warm feet-wipes, deep inhalations of Australian Sodashi aromatherapy oils as we gently work through the feet and legs.

With long sweeping strokes enveloping the back and neck, we finish off with a relaxing shoulder, neck and head massage to soothing Beethoven's piano Moonlight Sonata.

Duration starts from 75 mins.

1hr 15min / $95
1hr 30min / $120
1hr 45min / $145
2hr / $170

*after-hours 5-11pm $15


Blended Massage Treatment

Blended Relaxation & Deep Tissue

Definitely our Number 1 signature treatment!

This treatment conveniently combines the luxurious and ritualistic elements from the Classic Swedish with the vigorous muscular fix provided by the Deep Tissue.

Our Blended Treatment allows time for mind-body relaxation as well as deep tissue muscular work. We seamlessly move between relaxation and deep tissue in constant fluidity to allow the body to de-stress amd get that muscle-fix.

Duration starts from 95 minutes.

1hr 35min / $115
2hr / $145

*after-hours 5-11pm $15

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Mini Treatment Add-ons

Small-size Treatments To Add On The Side

Accompany your main treatments with mini treatments at small affordable prices!

Mini Add-ons gives that extra focus to other areas of concern.

Add-ons include:

(15min / $25)

(15min / $20)

(10min / $10)

(15min / $15)

calves & achilles
(20min / $20)

upper legs, thighs, IT band, glutes
(25min / $25)

10min - 25min
(/ $10-$25)

*after-hours 5-11pm $15

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