I have aches and soreness, Deep Tissue or Blended – – what’s your advise?

If you have immediate aches and soreness you want fixed, our advise is to go for a Deep Tissue Treatment with a longer duration.

You will notice the difference in the first treatment, however for existing aches and soreness, we do recommend at multiple treatments, to ensure that we go beyond the ‘superficial fix’. Usually 90 minutes is our standard recommended duration for Deep Tissue Treatments.

However, here are 2 important considerations:

1) If you’ve NOT had a deep tissue for a long time,
or, you’re NOT used to a bit of pressure,
or, you LIKE a bit of relaxation as well,
we highly recommend the Blended Treatment of 95 minutes (or longer) as that incorporates the Classic Swedish and Deep Tissue into your session and there’s a more fluid, relaxing aspect to the Deep Tissue component. Please bear in mind, the actual Deep Tissue duration is only about 70% of the entire length of treatment – so a longer duration is advised if require longer Deep Tissue work.

2) If, you can take a bit of pressure,
or, you want us to go through the muscles more thoroughly,
or, your issues span across your upper and lower bodies,
or, you think you might have more issues that you realise,
or, you have only 1 chance to come and see us for a session,
or, you can’t take too much pressure/heavy touch,
or, your body is always tense,
or, you have massive chronic issues,
or, you just want a longer time,
then go for a longer duration Deep Tissue Treatment of 90 minutes (or longer)

A longer duration simply allows us more time to slowly (gradually) work into the affected areas.

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