I have had REALLY PAINFUL massages before, I’m unsure.

Firstly, let us reassure you that throughout your treatment we use a numbering system to let you to control the pressure.

Clients desperate for a good massage will experiment with different massages. And unfortunately, this will often results in certain situations where undue pressure will be used by inexperienced, insensitive, or over-exuberant therapists.

One of the biggest factor in feeling pain after your treatment is the treatment duration chosen vs how much work you require being done. Let us explain. Ironically, the lesser time there is to work on an issue, the less comfortable the treatment could be because it takes time to slowly ease into the deeper layers of muscle that is often the cause of problems you experience. This is why we always recommend a longer duration (which is also more cost-effective as reflected in our pricing), so that you allow time for your body to allow us to delve deeper into the underlying layers and issues.

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