I have very specific issues, what do I do?

If this is your first time with us, we would usually recommend the Blended Massage Treatment, simply because it offers the best of both worlds (from Classic Swedish relaxation to Deep Tissue Treatments). This enables you to enjoy both differences.

However, if you are only concerned about fixing your issues, and really do not want a relaxation dimension to your treatment, then we advise that you select a Deep Tissue treatment. Note that Deep Tissue treatments are generally more one-dimensional because it is only focused on fixing.

Your first Deep Tissue treatment should be a general Deep Tissue treatment of at least 90 minutes. Thereafter, you should discuss with your therapist to see which of the more specific Focused Deep Tissue Massage Treatment you require (which is sometimes CHEAPER!).

Focused Deep Tissue Massage Treatment includes
Upper Legs,
Lower Back,
Entire Back,

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