What is Deep Tissue Treatment?

There are 2 types of Deep Tissue Treatment:
General and Remedial-focused

Our Deep Tissue Massage Treatment is certainly one of the best around the world. This treatment tackles muscular issues using various techniques. This touch ranges from medium to heavy. Prices start from $45 and duration can go up to 3hrs!

On the whole, the go-to duration is 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

The longer duration actually gives the body time to allow the therapist to ease into the deeper layers of muscle – thereby making the treatment much more comfortable because of the gradual easing that occurs. A shorter duration does the complete opposite and is often not recommended as that doesn’t give time for the body to release, which means that the superficial (top) layers of muscle will bear the brunt of the pressure, which can result in a drastic reduction in the comfort levels.

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